Author: One Less Rat

The Plan: Saltaire to Anywhere.

I’ve finally decided it’s time to ditch my desk and go and see the world! I’ve always wanted to travel but I’ve always made excuses: I can’t afford it; I can’t leave my job; I’ll miss my friends and family; I can’t because I have a mortgage. The truth is I was probably just too scared. I’m a planner, probably too much of a planner. I’ve worked in a business where spreadsheets, budgets and strategic management rule the roost. To just up and leave and not worry about the “what if’s”, “where to’s” and “what then’s” is not something that comes naturally...

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Excuses Not to Travel

When I finally decided to stop making excuses, bought a backpack and planned to travel, there was (of course) a lot to organise. Like most people, I have a mortgage, a flat, a full time job and a car. These are some of the things that have kept me content in the same place for 7 years. I’d convinced myself it was an almost impossible task to just up and leave. But as soon as I set my mind to it, I quickly realised it wasn’t as difficult as I’d thought. I’d become excellent at making excuses why I...

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