Digital nomads are able to travel while working from their mobile device or laptop. All they need is a working device, a desk or something like it, and a good internet connection to earn a living. The next question is where they should go. You might live in an RV and travel the country, but digital nomads are ideally situated for world travel. One of the top destinations for digital nomads is Bali. Here are four reasons why Bali is a haven for digital nomads.

The Environment

Bali is a tropical paradise. That means you can visit any time of year and enjoy the wonderful weather. More importantly, there are places like Canggu where the water moderates the heat, so it is always a perfect time to hit the beach. Ubud isn’t on the beach, but the rice paddies, temples, and rich culture make it a great place to visit.

Furthermore, Bali encourages visitors. There are areas like Uluwatu that are less favorable to foreigners, but most of the country is welcoming to visitors. The best spots for digital nomads to hit are Canggu and Ubud. Bali is also home to a surprisingly large community of English-speaking expatriates. This, along with the large tourism industry, means many of the locals can speak English to some degree, and it isn’t hard for someone to find a translator. You can get extra points with locals if you try to learn a little of the local language.

Its Infrastructure

Digital nomads know there is no point in going somewhere where the power is off half the time, and you can’t work if there’s no decent internet connection. Bali, on the other hand, is geared toward international tourism. This means you have access to high-speed internet connections in nearly every hotel and most coffee shops. You can even find hotspots when stuck in traffic. Data is cheap, too.

Bali also makes it easy to get around. You can take a Bali area ferry or fast boat from one island to the next in addition to taking public transit or taxis almost anywhere.

The Availability of Workspaces

Bali has become a hotspot for digital nomads, and one reason is that you can work almost anywhere besuchen sie hier. While the island is known for amazing food, many people appreciate the fact you can work from many restaurants or cafes. You can also find coworking spaces in Bali, so you’re able to work with other professionals from around the world without the temptation of sampling from the menu.

The Low Cost

Bali is on the other side of the world, but it may be cheaper to get there than other slices of paradise. More importantly, the cost of living is rather low. You can afford to live and work there for months. Currency conversion rates are often favorable, too.

Another point in favor of Bali is that the legal fees are low. Bali gives everyone a free 30-day visitor visa on arrival. That means it is a visa-free entry. Note that this type of visa cannot be extended.

You can pay for a 30-day visa on arrival that can be extended for another 30 days. If you want to stay longer than sixty days, you’ll have to apply for a sixty-day tourist visa before you arrive. Once you arrive, you’ll have to extend it every 30 days. You can extend it up to four times. Social visas are similar in duration to extended tourist visas, but these require a local sponsor to get.


Bali is an ideal destination for digital nomads. It isn’t hard to get there and you’ll love your stay. You can stay connected to work between hiking, surfing, and yoga.