Human beings have a natural desire to discover and try new things, and family road trips are no exception. Once you’ve set off, your road trip will allow you to spend more quality time together. However, if you’re travelling with young kids, it’s not always easy.

Here are four clever tips to make your next family road trip a memorable one:


1. Plan everything in advance

Before you set off, you need to research all the villages, towns and cities you’re going to visit or pass through. Be sure to note down areas where you can stop and take a break too. This will be vital in

keeping everybody happy and comfortable during the journey.

When doing your research, also try to note down restaurants, cafes, hotels and campsites along your route where you can stop off for toilet breaks, meals or to spend the night. To avoid boredom and tiredness, you should also consider taking turns driving.

Don’t forget to make a playlist as well. When making the playlist, it’s vital that you include the whole family in the song choices, so no one feels left out or isolated.


2. Pack enough snacks and other essentials ahead of time

You may stop at a restaurant or cafe along your route only to find it’s closed. If you’re all feeling hungry and tired this certainly isn’t ideal. To avoid this, we recommend buying snacks the whole family enjoy and taking them with you. This is also a great option if you have some picky eaters and you’re concerned they won’t like what’s available on the menu. Packing nutritious snacks such as nuts or fruit smoothies would be best, as these will keep everyone healthy and energise them for longer than crisps or chocolate.

It’s always a good idea to divide your snacks into individual portions to prevent arguments between the kids, especially if you’ve bought family-sized packs.


3. Keep your vehicle clutter-free

It’s important that you keep your vehicle clean during a road trip, as this will prevent rubbish and unpleasant food odours from building up. Keep a small bag handy to store all your rubbish in and empty the contents into a bin every time you stop

We also advise only packing the essentials – anything else is just unnecessary clutter that’s taking up space. You could make a backseat organiser for the kids to store their toys, snacks and drinks in. Tell them they only have a limited number of pockets, so they must decide what to bring and what to leave

behind. After all, do they really need to bring their full teddy collection?


4. Surprise the kids

Most children love getting gifts, so why not buy some small games and toys and surprise them midway through the trip? This will lift their spirits, especially if they’re complaining that they’re bored, and will keep them distracted for a little while longer.

A good family road trip is one that’s full of fun and excitement, but the tips above will help ensure it’s enjoyable for the whole family