Looking to apply for an Indian visa while in the UK even if you’re a non-UK citizen? We’ve got you covered with this simple step-by-step guide.


The good news is that if you want to stay in India less than 1 month your visa application is super easy with India’s recently introduced 1 month tourist E-Visa. Just visit the following link, follow the steps, make a payment, print off the approval letter and you’re ready for India.


For anyone wanting to spend more than 1 month in India, which is highly likely because 1 month is probably enough to see less than a quarter of this gigantic country, then you will need to obtain an extended multiple entry visa.

Here’s how you can apply while in the UK –


Step 1

Fill out the online application form at the following site:


Important note – Even if you are a non-UK citizen you must choose United Kingdom as the country you are applying from. It will prompt that you must be a UK citizen but this is incorrect as you can still apply for the visa as a non-UK citizen.

In this case you must put a UK address on your application form, even if you do not live in the UK. A non-UK address will result in the form being forfeited at the application centre.

Step 2

Print out the form. You must take a printed form to the application centre. You cannot fill out the form in pen, it must be completed online and printed.

Step 3

Make an appointment once the form is filled out. Use the Web File Number (GBR) to retrieve your application via this link –


Important note – Do not make the payment online as it will cost you more than if you make the payment when you get to the application centre.

Step 4

Attach a visa photo indegenerique.be. The photograph should be in colour and of the size of 2 inch x 2 inch (50 mm x 50 mm). Not a passport photo.

Step 5

Attend your appointment with all required documents and pay for your visa. You can find required documents needed for your visa type on the following link.


Step 6

Wait 5 – 8 days for processing and return to collect your passport or have your passport delivered to you by post. You can track your application process at the following link or request to receive email and text updates. You will be notified by text/email when your passport is ready for collection.


Important note – Passport collection is only available after 4pm and no appointment is needed.