Author: Bianca Caruana

Responsible Elephant Encounters in Mondulkiri

The Mondulkiri Province in Cambodia is home to one of the largest populations of both wild and domestic Elephants in the country. The forests that cover the province make the perfect habitat for these historic creatures to reside in, however in recent years much of that habitat has been destroyed due to logging. A once richly vegetated forest covered 80 % of the Mondulkiri Province, now only 30% remains. Recently, both the local people and International NGO’s such as WWF have seen a need to conserve the remaining forests, as well as conserve the remaining population of the Asian...

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5 Alternative Things to Do in Kampot

If you’ve found yourself in the small town of Kampot in Cambodia’s south then you may be wondering why so many people choose to pass through here on their travels. Famous for it’s pepper farms, and the neighbouring town of Kep where you can pick yourself up some of Cambodia’s most delightful crab dishes, Kampot has much to offer for those wanting a break from the mayhem of Phnom Penh, and the party vibe of Sihanoukville. Here are five alternative activities to consider during your stay that will give you a taste of the laid-back Cambodian lifestyle of Kampot....

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Hostelling for Social Change in Cambodia

What would us backpackers do without hostels? The cheap, convenient way to sleep, eat, and meet other like-minded adventurers on our travels. Over the years I’ve stayed in many hostels throughout the world and they all seem to offer a unique experience, but there is one chain of hostels throughout Cambodia that is providing a little more, not only to travellers but to the community as well. The Mad Monkey hostel chain is famous throughout Cambodia for their top rated hostels in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Koh Rong, and now Kampot. While focusing their services towards the average backpacker,...

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