Author: Charlie Stone

Koh San Road

Situated in the Phra Nakhon area of Bangkok, this centrally located road which is renowned worldwide for being a backpacker hangout, is a busy and vibrant area and a magnet for travellers exchanging tales of their adventures before making plans for their next escapade. This stretch of road is packed to the rafters with accommodation to suit most budgets but places a particular emphasis on budget style accommodation aimed at the backpacker market. Dormitory style accommodation is cheap and usually clean and well maintained and can be a good way to meet other backpackers.  You may even find one...

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Travelling in North India: A Females Perspective

I travelled though North India with my boyfriend for 4 weeks last year. India is a truly fascinating country and we had an incredible time there. But travelling in India, especially the North, is not for the feint hearted. Be prepared for a massive culture shock and a country that seems to be full of contradictions. And if you’re a female traveller you may experience more attention than you had bargained for. In India you will find lingering eyes on you most of the time. Whether male or female, it’s something you get used to and happens a lot...

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Top Travel Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

What kind of lens will be best for you? The type of lenses you are used to wearing may not be the best suited for travelling. Don’t be afraid to explore some other options, talk to your opticians about your trip and they will be able to advise on the most appropriate lens for you.  If you do want to look at other lens options make sure you allow plenty of time to try them out before you leave for your travels. When switching to new lenses, most opticians will want to see you a couple of times over the first...

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Camping in Hamburg

When you think of Hamburg, pristine beaches isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind… Camp Elberg is surrounded by dense woodland to one side and a beautiful beach on the other. The scenery massively exceeded my expectations as did the camp-site. After a super friendly greeting at reception, we checked in and pitched our tent up overlooking the beach and the tidal river Elbe. We booked on the website beforehand but the guy at reception seemed pretty shocked, there was a cyclist before us who didn’t pre book and she had no problems. So you probably don’t need to book but it...

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A Brief Guide to Amsterdam’s Markets

Amsterdam is one of my favourite European cities and every time I come here I always make sure I visit at least one of the markets on offer. I love to browse around the bric a brac stores, usually picking up a bargain somewhere along the way, or spending a little more on some of the pretty costume jewellery often on offer.  But by far my main reason for dropping by the Waterlooplein on a Saturday is to get some freshly made poffertjes or as I like to refer to them, simply divine fluffy little pancake pillows! Look out...

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Koh Ta Kiev Island Paradise

Discovering the beautiful Cambodian Island Koh Ta Kiev… About an hours boat ride from the coast of Sihanoukville is the paradise island of Koh Ta Kiev. At 28 square kilometres the island is home to only a small fishing community and a handful of beach huts, tree houses and tents that provide the accommodation options available to visiting tourists. In total there are four accommodation options available on Koh Ta Kiev: Ten 103 My personal favourite, at Ten 103 Tree house Bay you can choose to stay in a private tree house, dorm room or hammock for varying prices ranging from $7 to $25 per night....

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My Kit for 6 Months Travelling

One woman’s backpack contents for 6 months travelling in hot and cold climates… It’s a tough challenge deciding what to fit in your backpack especially if you are embarking on a particularly long trip and even more so if that trip involves a variety of different climates and conditions. As someone with a spare room dedicated to clothes I knew that trying to narrow my belongings down into one bag was going to be difficult! The itinerary that my boyfriend and I had set for our trip also meant I needed to pack sensibly for both hot and cold weather; our route began...

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