Here are just a few of our favourite Khmer dishes from Cambodia…

Lok lak:

Chopped bits of beef cooked lightly. Served with dipping sauce made from lime juice and Kampot black pepper, lettuce, and onion.

K’tieu  or Kuytheav:

Traditional pork broth-based rice noodle soup a popular breakfast dish. Served with lettuce leaves, bean sprouts, coriander, black Kampot pepper, lime juice, chopped scallions and caramelised garlic oil. Many surrounding countries have similar breakfast dishes

Somlar Machou:

A sour, sweet, salty and bitter soup made with pineapple, tomatoes and fish. Many variations are found across the region

Bai chha:

Fried rice the Khmer way. Always a safe choice and a bargain.


Crab. Kep is famous for its crab cooked in locally sourced Kampot black pepper. Usually accompanied by a fantastic view.

Happy Pizza:

Found throughout the country. Usually a poor quality pizza with even poorer quality weed (cannabis or marijuana) sprinkled on top Try one try them all none are worth half the price.

Pong Aime:

These are sweet treats available from most the food markets. Choose your sweet meats and they’ll be served up with ice, condensed milk and sugar water. They can satisfy a sweet tooth looking for a bargain.


A drink blended with fruits, raw egg, sweet condensed milk and ice. A Cambodian smoothie.

Durian Fruit:

Regarded by many throughout SE Asia as the ‘King of Fruits’ the durian is very popular in Cambodia. However you will notice that many hotels ban durians being brought in, this is due to the smell of the flesh of the fruit that is particularly unpleasant. Locals may describe the taste as like a ‘sweet custard’ personally we think the durian is a bit of acquired taste!


Insects aren’t eaten everywhere like some would believe, there sold as more of a novelty to tourists but locals do eat spiders and such (Worth trying).


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