When you think of Hamburg, pristine beaches isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind…

Camp Elberg is surrounded by dense woodland to one side and a beautiful beach on the other. The scenery massively exceeded my expectations as did the camp-site.

After a super friendly greeting at reception, we checked in and pitched our tent up overlooking the beach and the tidal river Elbe. We booked on the website beforehand but the guy at reception seemed pretty shocked, there was a cyclist before us who didn’t pre book and she had no problems. So you probably don’t need to book but it may be wise if you’re visiting in the height of summer.

As it was mid September at the time it wasn’t overly warm so you probably wouldn’t want to go for a swim. But it was a lovely environment to be in and pretty cool to watch the huge container ships heading out to sea.

We were planning on eating at Camp Elbe (they have a small bar-restaurant) but were a little late getting to the kitchen and it had closed, much to our stomachs dismay! Fortunately, the barman was really helpful and told us about a nice local pizza place that would deliver to the camp-site. He got the website up on the staff pc, we let him know what we wanted and he ordered for us, easy-peasy!

The pizza arrived in less than 30 minutes and, as promised, was a darn good pizza.

The facilities at Camp Elbe are fairly good with clean, well kept toilets and showers southafrica-ed.com. But it’s the scenery and staff that made this place special.

If you like cycling you can also hire bikes to explore the beautiful surrounding woodland and countryside.

If you’re heading to Berlin this is a great little detour and stop off to make along the way.