There are plenty of places to go to when you are a traveller and work simultaneously. Bangkok is not only a thrilling place to travel to but also ideal because of the places that are considered co-working spaces. Some are unbelievable to work in; you’ll be amazed at the amenities offered to the digital nomads that need a place to work and stay overnight.

Although there may be some that are a bit pricey, there’s some that are absolutely cheap and affordable to work in It’s an absolute dream for those who are fortunate enough to be able to travel and work at the same time, much less be able to “pop a squat” a nice hostel, co-working space, or office to work in temporarily while you’re passing through Bangkok.

Here are 7 co-working spaces in Bangkok where you can do just that, work and sleep while you travel through one of the most amazing and celebrated states in the east.

One Day Bangkok

The combination of a working space and a place to sleep, bathe, eat, and live a little while traveling through Bangkok. It’s actually considered a hostel, yet with a co-working space for those who need to work on their laptops or computers in order to make a living. It’s catered to those who have to travel for work, or simply backpackers, trail blazers, digital nomads and vacationers that need a place to work for a bit. Thus, it creates a relaxing space in which both can be done and thoroughly enjoyed. You can either stay in a 6 or 8 bed dormitory with some free breakfast, and the internet availability, or stay in the co-working space by paying per day.

Located at 51 Sukhumvit Soi 26, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, Thailand

– A full kitchenette is available for those who get hungry or are staying overnight.
– It’s tranquil and peaceful; quiet and meditative because of the amenities, the aromas of floral that help that meditative state of mind, and it even has an outdoor area to lounge.
– Television, a reading room, bathrooms, and kitchen availability.
– If you check out, make sure you get your stuff within 30 days.
– Some rates include a private room, private bathroom, private work space of up to 20 hours, and delicious meals.
– Theatre room is grande, enjoyable and great to spend some social time.

– Kitchen: Great, yet some people may get very hungry and may eat your food, or leftovers, “by accident”.
– Smells: The smells of flowers, coffee, and other fragrances may be too much for some travellers, or digital nomads to bear; so if you’re sensitive to smells or have allergies, you may want to be aware of this and go outside to work.
Tight room quarters: For those who can’t be around too many people, you may be better off in a private room. Otherwise, they’re 4, 6, and 8 bedroom availability. In other words, the more privacy you need, the hire the rates, naturally.
– Prices: Private rooms with bathroom, T.V., A/C, plus other amenities…daily or weekly stays, avg. $95-112. Some co-working spaces are considered “hot desks” with up to 20 hours of daily work space available. The cheapest rates are only for co-work space: As low as 11.00 to 18.00 daily, rates do change and these are one night stays.

Draft Board

Draft Board is a co-working space that will give those digital nomads, travelers and creative minds a place to work in Bangkok with great appreciation to all who pass through here. With an array of facilities and equipment to use, you’ll enjoy working in this nice spot that seems to love designers. For inspiration and creative perceptions, this place is great for those who need a place to work in an atmosphere of creativity.

Located at 12A Orakarn Building, Chidlom, Bangkok, Thailand

– Great place to co-work with the ability to share creative ideas between freelancers.
– Available for groups or private individuals.
– Private desk, shared desks or daily passes available.
– 2, 4, or 10 hour meeting rooms are available also.

– Prices on website are not available; but you can call
– Weekends are closed
– Caters to freelance designers, mainly.


It’s minutes from the BTS Skytrain too. Modernized and with this type of look, you’ll want to get right into work. It’s like your in a futuristic space movie while working because of the modern, slick look of the office spaces. You can share or not, but there’s 36 rooms that are different from one another. There’s meeting rooms with the virtual amenities for your digital internet needs. Meeting rooms and network commodities are another two positive co-working spaces which are offered by Glowfish.

Located in the middle of Bangkok’s central district for business: 219 Asoke Towers Sukhumvit 21 (Soi Asoke), Khlongtoey Nua, Wattana Bangkok 10110 Thailand.

– With meeting rooms, day rooms and a place to work, this is all you need to set up and work during the morning or afternoon.
– Coffee / tea available.
– Close to the business district and the BTS Skytrain.

– No credit cards accepted.
– Their website has no prices in American, you can’t set the language anywhere.
– You can contact via email only.
– Weekends closed.
– Prices: Rates seem to vary because of the various bookings they have. Since they are closed on the weekends, you may think they are pricey, but they’re actually very affordable. T: +66 (02) 664 0897

The Hive

A co-working space ideal for those who want a relaxing place to work while travelling through Thailand. It has an impressive place for those who enjoy unwinding, including the fact that it has a “spa”! Additionally, there’s a nice rooftop garden which is mind-soothing for the soul. And if you want to have a drink while you work, well there’s a bar too. One of the most premier places to work in for the independent minded, and professionals, no less. What’s more, is that there are events and workshops available. You do have to apply to get in.

Located: 46/9 Soi Sukhumvit 49, Klong Ton Nua Sub-District, Wattana District, Bangkok, Thailand

– It has a spa, a bar, and meditative place to relax at the rooftop garden.
– High Speed WiFi , Lounge / Chill-out Area.
– Free Coffee / Tea.
– Air Conditioning.
– On-site Café / Restaurant.
– Printer / Scanner.
– 24hr member access.

– You have to apply online with personal info to see rates, co-work space availability…etc.

Muchroom Coworking Space

Some of the best features you can ask for at any co-working space in Bangkok. With modern amenities and the comforts of a contemporary home, you’ll feel like you’re at home because of the vast, cozy space to work in.

Located: 61 Pradiphat Soi 23, Bangkok, Thailand

– The flexibility is great when it comes to renting spaces for working.
– It has all the comforts of a modernized home.
– Regular promotion rates for students, special weekend rates, and 1/2 off for meeting rooms.
– Scanner, Fax, Copy, WiFi, lockers available.

– If you’re not a native from Bangkok and don’t know the language, it makes it difficult for others from all over the world to “tap” into the rates and prices for co-working spaces.
– You have to contact by email or call; therefore, the rates aren’t shown in English on the official website.

HUBBA Thailand

Centered around those with a dream. With the right support, equipment and tools, you’ll be able to travel Bangkok and enjoy the work life as well. This place is like a dream come true, and it has a mentorship program also. A prime reason why digital nomad, independent contractors or freelancers come here, and the flexibility is grand.

This community of busy bees are eager for those who want to “foster” the HUBBA community in Thailand. HUBBA has activities for the members such as Power Lunches. There are many other calendar events that you can look at on their website. Also, it has a ping-pong table to play around with when you want to release some stress; a very community friendly environment. Ideal for those starting their own business, independent contractors, students, those who want to move up in the digital world. The seminars focus primarily on digital marketing, branding, designing, coding,…etc. Some seminars or workshops are design oriented (i.e. character design, visual merchandising, brand marketing,…to name a few.)

Located at 19 Soi Ekkamai 4, Sukumvit 63 Rd. Prakanong Nua, Wattana Bangkok, Thailand

– Ping-pong table.
– Seminars/workshops.
– Mentoring.
– Daily, weekly, and monthly rates.

– You need to be very goal-oriented to be part of this co-working space; not lazy!


This co-working space has been described as thrilling and fun to work at. In the central spot of Bangkok. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs, self-employed, or those digital nomads for a future that is digitally growing in Bangkok’s central district. Events and workshops are available for those who want to attend. It has a comfy environment with some areas having an artificial grass floor, making it very unique. It has approximately 880 sq. meters of co-working space, 100 large desks and a beautiful scene for working. Compared to one of the leading technology companies in the world like Simi Valley, California.

Located at 139 Pan Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand

– Setup your business registration or address for representative office in Thailand.
– 5 huge spacious meeting rooms for those private meetings.
– A Game Space so you can relax from time to time with the gaming consoles; there’s also a ping-pong table and a relaxing area with bean bags and comfy couches or sofas (the Lounge Area).
– 5 minutes away from BTS Surasak Station.
– Some of the office spaces (3 – 16 people); traditional office space rentals (90 – 760 square).
– Private parking available.
– Reception available.
– WiFi available.
– Printing/copying/faxing/scanning available.
– Maid service.
– Locker rooms.

– Again, prices are not universal on official website, you can to go pricing package web page.
– They accept PayPal.
– Prices: With daily passes as low as $6-7 US a day! (260 THB per) for instance, 8 day packages, 15 day packages, 30 day packages.

In conclusion, the fact that Bangkok is one of the cheapest places to live makes it a less costly place to travel to also, and compared to places like Hong Kong or Singapore, that’s wonderful! The fact is that the world is changing fast, and if you have a start up business, travel, and need that time to check-in to a place, if you’re in Bangkok these are the top 7 co-working spaces that are prime for those who need a spot to work a bit.
Tired of working? From Bangkok, going to Koh Samet would take 2 to 3 hours by bus. Make sure to check the weather first.