In New York City, there are fun things to pursue around every corner-from visiting the tourist hotspots to admiring the beauty of Times Square. For many individuals, NYC is the epicenter of the universe. This city houses some of the world’s best restaurants, bars, boutiques and museums. Continually evolving, New York City is a different city every time you visit. But before booking your tickets and packing your bags, check the ESTA visa requirements. If you are visiting the US as a tourist, then this visa is mandatory. From witnessing world-famous art at the Met to the crowd watching in Central Park, this list of top things to do will make you fall in love with New York.


Frolic In the Central Park

Central Park is best described as an escape and exercise yard. If you want to explore it productively, visit from the 59th to the 72nd street. This is where you would get the best impressions of this place. No matter how many people gather in Central Park, you can always find a spot to picnic and have a frolic with your friends.


Take a Trip to Staten Island

Do you know that every day approximately Seventy thousand people visit Staten Island on a free ferry? It is one of the city’s outer areas and taking a visit to the island is a worthwhile experience. Without spending a cent, you get phenomenal views of the Lower Manhattan Skyline. From Staten Island, you can also get a panoramic view of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. A 20-minute boat ride is also available towards the New York harbor.


Witness the Cultural Extravaganza at the Lincoln Center

The Lincoln Center best resembles a fortress-like structure. It comprises of 23 theatres along with the Julliard School. If you want to witness cultural extravaganza is the New York City, then don’t look beyond the Lincoln Center. It is also one of the most concentrated places for performing arts in the United States. The largest hall in the Lincoln Center is the Metropolitan Opera House, which is famous for its arched entrance. The crystal chandeliers present in this Opera House are quite popular can be seen from the outside later in the day.


See Some of the World’s Most Exquisite Art at the Met Museum

If you are planning to visit New York for the sake of art, then you won’t be disappointed. This city houses some of the most excellent art museums in the world. At the Met Museum, you can spend a fortnight surfing through years of human creativity. This museum is New York’s version of Louvre. It is the ultimate place where you can see Renaissance masterpieces, along with various precious artifacts. The Met Museum is worth a visit on every trip to New York, irrespective of the number of trips you have undertaken to NYC.


Take in view the vast skyline of NYC from the Empire State Building

There is no better way to experience the enormity of New York than by a visit to the top of one of the skyscrapers. Yes, we are talking about the Empire State Building! The views you will get from the 86th-floor deck would make you gasp in wonder and joy. However, the views from the 102nd-floor observatory are genuinely a breath-taking one. You can also opt to visit the One World Observatory which would offer you panoramic views. Enjoy your dinner while taking into account the great pictures of the city.


Visit the Most Frenetic Part of the NYC- The Times Square

Without a doubt, the most hectic part of New York is Times Square. It best exudes the cacophony of flashing lights and shoulder-to-shoulder crowds. This is something that New Yorkers usually tend to avoid But omitting Times Square from your New York itinerary is not a good idea. The scene of a mix of various types of advertisement billboards and flashing digital displays will give you your fix.


Take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge

If you want to have a walk on the prettiest bridge in the world, then the Brooklyn Bridge would best suit your interests. Walking across the East River atop this lovely structure would give you some fantastic views of Lower Manhattan. The Brooklyn Bridge usually remains crowded. Hence, time your visit to perfection lees.
Dinner, drinks and theatre make a quintessential NYC evening. But taking a tour of this fantastic city is always an enticing aspect to consider.