Planning a trip to China? Then make sure you check out GuideWe Travel, a responsible guide and tour company who work with local experts to provide visitors with unique cultural experiences and the opportunity to discover the ‘real China’ from the people who know it best.

GuideWe Travel was set up to provide tourists with an alternative way to see China without having to join large, and often intrusive, tours groups. It also recognised an opportunity to employ, and fairly pay, local experts as guides.

Georgia, a Mandarin speaking Brit, who now lives in Beijing and is a founding member of GuideWe Travel summed it up best, she told us:

Travel in China can be difficult, especially the first time. It’s often necessary to travel with a tour group or guide. Many traditional tour operators cash in on this need by creating stock routes with huge groups to allow people to tick off boxes of “been there done that”.

This attitude often means the tours aren’t that engaging and miss what is really special about China.

Our mission is to share the unique, diverse and culturally rich aspects of China that many people miss or are simply not aware of. We hope to do so by first, offering a platform where local guides and travellers can share tips and advice to make the most of their/your time in China. Additionally we have started a network of local guides that know the landscape geographically, historically and culturally, paired with our unique and customizable small group tours and itineraries.

We are moving away from the tours that get you to follow a flag and take you via multiple shopping stops – towards tailor made experiences with interesting and knowledgeable people.

Our primary aim is to share this amazing country with the world and promote better travel in China, both for those visiting and for those working in the travel and tour industry here oficjalna strona.

Sounds pretty awesome right? To find out more about GuideWe Travel, their amazing itineraries or to book a guide, visit their website.

If you have questions about China or can’t find what you’re looking for then get in touch with the friendly GuideWe Travel team who will do everything they can to give you the best information and make your dream trip come true!

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Images kindly provided by GuideWe Travel. Please note this is NOT a sponsored post, we just think GuideWe are a great company offering a responsible, authentic way to experience China.