Canada has millions of visitors every year. People from different countries across the world visit here to experience the rich and diverse cultures, festivals, and a variety of food. In Canada, a person can find many fascinating and exciting things to do. UK and Canada have similarities like common language, culture and much more. This is one of the reasons why Canada has many visitors from the UK every year.

Visitors from the UK can be a tourist, student, or employee working temporarily. UK permanent residents (PR) having a valid passport usually do not require a Canada visa for visiting the country. Citizens who belong to dependent territories of British and have obtained their citizenship by either birth or registration do not need to have a visa when they are visiting Canada.

If a UK PR is visiting Canada, the visitor needs to have ETA, i.e., Electronic Travel Authorization. If a visitor is traveling via sea or land then no ETA is required.

Check Out These Entry Requirements If You Are Planning To Visit Canada:

  • Visa

Canada visa is not required if a British citizen is visiting, but eTA is needed. eTA and the passport of the visitor are linked with each other via electronic medium. ETA is required in visa exempt countries if you are visiting Canada by flight. After reaching Canada, visitors are asked to show they have enough amount of money. This is done to make sure they can stay there without any financial issues.

  • Electronic Travel Authorization

ETA is an entry requirement, and visitors must have it while boarding flight. In case a visitor does not have ETA then chances are he/she may not be allowed to board the flight. ETA is not required if you are having PR card of Canada. People with dual nationality of British and Canada can not apply for an ETA as they are not allowed to do so, for boarding flight they need to have a Canadian passport.

  • Validity of passport

From the first day of your stay in Canada passport must be valid for at least six months. Beyond this, no extra validity of passport is to be required People can make use credit card for purchasing ETA from the official website of the Canadian government. During the process, additional information may be asked.

How long can a UK PR stay in Canada?

The duration of a visitor depends upon the nature of the visit. Once a valid ETA is received, then the UK citizen can visit Canada for five years many times. The only condition here is that the duration of a single stay should not exceed six months. In the case your passport expiring then for the new passport a new ETA is required.

Is obtaining ETA a complicated process?

Getting an ETA is not difficult for UK citizens. Within the same day, the ETA usually can be obtained, it is not a long process. However, if you are required to provide some additional information, then it may take a few days. To be on the safer side and avoid risk, carefully check your application.