Kampot is one of my favourite places in Cambodia, the sleepy riverside town has a quiet charm with far fewer tourists than in other Cambodian cities.

Known throughout the world for its black pepper which is particularly suited to the areas soil type and climate, it only seemed right to check out one of Kampot’s famous pepper farms.

I’ve never been a fan of group tours; it’s not that I don’t like people I just really don’t like waiting for people! And for $10 extra (split between me and my boyfriend) it definitely seemed a better option to ask one of the local tuk tuk drivers to take us cijeli članak. The tuk tuk drivers often speak surprisingly good English and in my experience are enthusiastic to  share with you what their local area has to offer.

Most of the pepper farms are a little way out of the town and around a 40 minute tuk tuk ride from the centre of Kampot.

We drove through some beautiful countryside on the way to the farm, another reason to take a tuk tuk where you can enjoy a great 360 view and get plenty of space.

One thing is for sure though if you do choose to go to a pepper farm by tuk tuk be prepared for a bumpy ride… After we were about 20 minutes out of town it became more like tuk tuk off roading but was nevertheless great fun if not a little hair raising at times! You can get an impression from the video below…