Are you excited for your first backpacking trip around the world? Whether it is your first time, or you are a backpacker who wants to practice better safety on your next backpacking trip, read the following backpacker travel tips to ensure you are safe when you go backpacking around the world.

Update your travel medical kit

No matter which destination you are going, you must update your travel medical kit. Do some research on the underlying health issues for your destination as a guide when updating your travel medical kit. Likewise, pack minimal amounts of belongings such as hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and others which you can easily buy from stores when you arrive rather than carrying more than you will not even need for the whole trip.

Pack a cable lock and doorstop

Inexpensive safety devices you must bring with you are a cable lock and a doorstop.

Cable lock: This device helps you lock or fasten your valuables against an immovable object such as a toilet in your hotel room. This can be really helpful when you want to let go of some of your things and explore without your backpack.

Doorstop: Attach it under the door to ensure that you are locked safely in your room at night. This is also the simplest and practical way to prevent some stranger from breaking in. Door locks can be destroyed and your room keys can be snatched, but a doorstop can secure your door in position.

Separate your money

Majority of your money should be separated into different hiding places. Divide your cash in hidden pockets, or some hidden compartments in your backpack. Dividing your money ensures that you will not lose everything in case you are mugged or robbed. Most importantly, only keep the amount you need for the day in an old, worn out wallet.

Learn basic self-defense before you go

Self-defense classes are everywhere. Try to learn how to defend yourself against assaults in case you need it You may not be able to compete or fight an experienced criminal, but you will have more confidence in the event of a hostile encounter.

Purchase travel insurance

This one is an absolute no-brainer but it’s amazing how many people do travel without any insurance cover. Most travel medical insurance are inexpensive and if you have this, you will be confident to know that an insurance company can help cover any medical expenses in the event that you get sick or injured while traveling.


Those are the five easiest ways to stay safe while backpacking around the world. If you ever get involved in an accident while traveling, click here to find out if there is anything you can do legally.