These days, travelling the world is almost seen as a necessity. In an increasingly globalized and connected world, it’s easy to learn about new cultures, but true knowledge of the world comes from experiencing these cultures. TalkTalkBnb, a new free social platform, offers travellers this very opportunity – by staying for free with locals and living authentically, in exchange for speaking their native language with their host.

Food and lodging in exchange for a service

Based on the principle of bartering, TalkTalkBnb offers an entirely free-to-use online community of “Hosts” and “Travelers.” Hosts offer free accommodation; in return, travellers offer their host the opportunity to practice a foreign language with a native speaker, at home, completely free-of-charge. It’s a win-win situation, a mutual cooperation on a totally altruistic basis.

In contrast to other forms of free accommodation, TalkTalkBnb is a true exchange; the traveller doesn’t feel like he’s disturbing his host, and the host doesn’t feel like he’s giving something for nothing. You give as much as you receive. And when you look at the cost of traditional conversational courses, it’s very clear that no one’s losing out. What’s more, you’ll often find guests offering to prepare a typical national dish or introducing a local art, while hosts give them valuable tips about their destination. Different cultures have so much to share.

This isn’t travel for tourists

For many travellers, traditional tourism is no longer satisfying. What they really want is to experience life from a different cultural perspective. Destinations are not chosen just to be crossed off a list, but because of the traditions, cuisine, art, music, and life of the people that live there. There’s a stark difference between scrambling to hit all the tourist spots before crashing at a hotel, and taking time to dig deep into the everyday rhythm and local customs that are the lifeblood of the city. This is what TalkTalkBnb offers: travel for people who like people, who want the authentic experience of living that will stay with them, in a profound way that no souvenir or photo in front of a landmark ever could.

On a broader scale, TalkTalkBnb is a way for people to contribute to a more communicative and open-minded global society  Users around the world can improve their foreign language skills – for themselves, of course, as it’s useful professionally to speak multiple languages- but also to  help destroy language barriers and help people of all origins to have a better understanding of each other.

It’s very important to be open to world cultures and learning the language of your guest (or teaching your language to your host) is a perfect way to start. Conversations and meaningful exchanges will lead to more conscientious discovery of the world, as well as more awareness of cultural differences.

After the Paris terrorist attacks, Paris’ very cosmopolitan population grew stronger and more unified, as if to say “We come from different cultures but we’re experiencing the same thing, and most importantly we understand each other.” If this kind of communication and mutual understanding could develop on a global scale, minds would be opened and tensions would be eased.

This is what TalkTalkBnb is working towards.

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The concept in video:

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