Budapest, Hungary. Did you ever think you would be contemplating a visit? Neither did I. It never appeared on my radar and I didn’t know what to expect.  Then I arrived and saw a glorious city upon one of Europe’s most beautiful rivers. Waltzes were named after this river. That must mean something….

Walking down the local streets of cobbled stones and bustling shops, cafés aplenty are in your path. Smells of strudels and espresso fill the air as you enjoy your leisurely stroll through the alleys whilst learning more about this beautiful city.

My Top 10 Itinerary Musts in Budapest

Goamama café

Set in the streets of the city centre, this café boasts a beautiful backyard garden for a relaxing breakfast or afternoon treat. Fresh pastries are baked daily and coffees made to order.  A botanical masterpiece brimming with roses, foliage and shrubbery Goamama was the perfect stop amidst sightseeing for a refuel. Sit on a vintage shabby chic bench and enjoy a freshly baked strudel. You will love it!

A Dinner Cruise on the Danube River

A cruise on the Danube cannot be missed! Take a ride down the Danube’s glistening waters and gaze at the beautifully-lit buildings and picturesque monuments under a star-blanketed sky. Savour a traditional Hungarian buffet complete with classic dishes of borscht, goulash, and schnitzel, this dinner will surely win your traveller’s heart as you snap photos of the gorgeous scenery.

There are several departures nightly. Speak with the staff on the pier and they will be able to assist you!

river danube cruise

The Jewish quarter

The Jewish Quarter dedicated in 1944, is a must for historians. The section consists of two prominent synagogues and is surrounded by high-stoned walls. This area of Budapest embraces the historical significance, hardship endured, and efforts imposed to respect those lost during the holocaust. Walking tours are available with English guides available to answer any questions you have.

The Wall Memorial

The wall memorial represents where the last remaining section of the stoned wall was demolished in 2006. A fountain stands in its place to honour those lost when during the Nazi invasion. The memorial was constructed using original fragments of the wall and stands in honour of Jewish victims.

The Borbàr Wine Bar

In the evening, the Jewish Quarter is home to some of Budapest’s exceptional nightlife. Take a stroll through the ghetto-style alleyways and duck into one of the delightful bars offering a variety of drinks, wines, and entertainment.

Borbàr has been crowned my most favourite wine bar in Europe. Set in an outside courtyard, complete with heat lamps, cast iron chairs and shielding umbrellas, cover bands entertain revellers with classic rock tunes from the likes of Eric Clapton, Lynard Skynard, U2, Pink Floyd, and many more.

The Hungary Opera House

Take an early morning stroll down the main strip of the city centre. Pass the beautifully ornate Opera House that graced Budapest in 1884.

Enjoy the Neo-gothic architecture of this landmark whose stage has brought world renowned performers to the city for centuries.

If you wish to attend an opera performance, be sure to check the show schedule and buy tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

At times, the Opera House showcases sets, costumes, and props featured in the current show to an outside audience. Frequently the acting troupes will do random performances engaging the patrons walking by. Complete in costume, actors will re-enact scenes from the current show complete with arias, dancing and comedic banter.

Budapest Street Food Festival

Pay a visit to the street food fair where dozens of tables offer a variety of Hungarian delicacies and treats. If you fancy a munchie, why not buy a homemade strudel, wurst on a bun, or a bag of marzipan balls of a variety of flavours? The marzipan balls are made daily and are absolutely delicious!

Pay a visit to the street food fair where dozens of tables offer a variety of Hungarian delicacies and treats. If you fancy a munchie, why not buy a homemade strudel, wurst on a bun, or a bag of marzipan balls of a variety of flavours link i en blogg? The marzipan balls are made daily and are absolutely delicious!

Chimney Cakes

The Holocaust Shoe Memorial

A tragic, yet humbling display, the Shoe Memorial represents the Jewish people killed at the Danube embankment during the holocaust. Men, women, and children were executed at this very spot. To honour these victims, a lengthy, but powerful monument of the shoes left on the bank set in cast iron was placed.

The Hungarian Baths & Spa

Why not relax at the largest medicinal bath in Europe- Széchenyi Medicinal Bath? The unisex thermal are sure to ease achy feet, jet lag, muscle tension, and more. Temperatures range from 74°C – 77 °C for a leisurely soak, with stocked facilities offering all the necessities required for an enjoyable visit including, lockers, robes, towels, and toiletries. Do make sure to bring your swimmers and pool shoes as skinny-dipping is not allowed.

Budapest baths

The Fisherman’s Bastion

This Neo-gothic terrace overlooking the Danube is situated on the Buda side of the bank on the castle hill and offers incredible skyline views of the city. This historic landmark is an essential visit for all travellers.

Browse the historical artifacts, book a guided tour, and enjoy a fresh strudel in the lush gardens. The Bastion whose name was given to honour the fishermen guild who defended the city, provides visitors a glimpse of the Hungarian history, mixed with panoramic views and camera-worthy architecture.

Attend a Symphony by the Danube

Enjoy an evening of beautiful music! Many waltzes, concertos and sonatas were written here with the Danube as inspiration. Music scores feature some of the most famous and revered European composers to grace our world. (Mozart, Strauss, Chopin… powdered wig swoon coming on!)

Grab tickets to a show where the orchestra includes cimbalom player for a truly unique experience. The cimbalom is a traditional Hungarian folk resembling a xylophone. Tickets should be purchased in advance as concerts sell out very quickly.

Budapest was incredible. These are only ten incredible experiences to include in your itinerary; however, this city has so much more to offer travellers. With its charm, culture and cuisine, this majestic European city is bound to leave you captivated and craving a return visit.