Geographically located in the south-east of Australia, Melbourne is one of the most populous cities in the country, with 4 million and the second largest after Sydney. The people of Melbourne are a multicultural mix of people from all over the world, helping to turn Melbourne tourism into one of the city’s largest industries. Melbourne tourism has many attractions for tourists from around the world, including restaurants, attractions, transportation, and entertainment. It is one of the leading vacation destinations in Australia, and it is worth knowing a little better before you travel to Melbourne. The following are great nature attractions to visit in Melbourne.


Melbourne Museum

The Melbourne Museum is a place to explore the history and cultural heritage of the city as well as Australia. This museum hosts many shows that allow tourists to understand better their history, culture, evolution, and life on earth. The performances are about dinosaurs, sea life, archaeological items, architecture, etc. It’s educational for kids. You can check out the latest live shows before your visit.

As the largest museum in the Southern Hemisphere, the Melbourne Museum has seven huge galleries, with temporary and permanent exhibits and a variety of art from around the world. Some of the museum’s permanent exhibits include dynamic earth showcasing a variety of geological wonders, and Sam Koala, which tells the story of a small 600-million-year-old koala survivor, depicting Victoria’s natural history and Melbourne history. Melbourne Anthropological Past.



Chinatown is an ethnic enclave in Melbourne Central Business District, known for being the oldest Chinatown in the Southern Hemisphere and the longest-serving Chinese settlement in the Western world. As Melbourne’s main tourist attraction, it is best known for its annual festivals, architectural heritage and unique restaurants serving delicious Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Korean, Malay and Vietnamese cuisine. The China Museum is quite popular with tourists visiting this part of Melbourne.


Melbourne Aquarium Sea Life

Aquarium Sea Life Melbourne is located on the banks of the Melbourne River Yarra. This stunning aquarium, owned and operated by a British entertainment company, offers a four-level guided tour of coral life, coral caves, shipwrecks, underwater tropical forests, and plenty of sea creatures. The leading exhibition is the 2.2 million litres Mermaid Garden Oceanarium, which includes whale sharks, grey sharks, and many other species of marine animals. You can walk through a transparent tunnel surrounded by water, fish, and sea creatures swimming around you, or go to an Antarctic stretch, put on snow tools, and sit down with King and Gentoo penguins on the ice while having fun. For adventurers, dive with sharks – of course with an instructor.


Phillip Island Nature Park

This nature is the most popular natural attraction in Melbourne. If you are a penguin lover, this is the place you will not want to lose. Here you can see a parade of penguins as they return to the island after spending a day in the ocean looking for food. The whole event can be viewed from above, with a nature park tour that presents the history of Phillip Island and lots of other facts. In addition to penguins, this natural park also includes Churchill Island and the Koala Conservation Centre.


Melbourne Theatres and Galleries

Do you want to get acquainted with the rich culture of the city? Discover fascinating facts about Melbourne while browsing the best cultural and artistic companies in this dynamic city. To cross the South Bank section, you can see the area of cultural facilities. Notable is the Recital Centre, the International Collection of the National Gallery of Victory, the Malthouse Theatre, and the Victorian Art Centre You can also stroll to Federation Square, where you can visit visual art exhibitions at the Ian Potter Gallery and ACMI. While walking the streets of the city, it is impossible not to notice the designer theatres, boutiques, and galleries surrounded by walls.


Melbourne famous beaches

In mild and sunny weather you can exercise in various water sports or go to the beautiful beaches of the city. St. Pier Kilda is a fantastic beach, ideal for swimming, cycling, skydiving, and boating. Other famous beaches are Middle Brighton, and Brighton, which are well known for their colourful swimming boxes lined the city skyline. There are also facilities for windsurfing, boating, sailing, and barbecue.


Explore nature and wildlife

Forget that you are in a city of four million and travel to Melbourne lush gardens, waterways, and parks. You can find a quiet place by strolling through the manicured lawns of the Treasury and Fitzroy Gardens. The Royal Botanic Gardens is another amazing place to see, including weaving paths, old trees, and a maze of properties. If you want to know about the nature of Australia, you can visit the world-famous Melbourne Zoo. Here you can learn more about exotic species of animals and many species of birds and aquatic organisms. The Melbourne Aquarium is another well-deserved landmark that hosts a variety of animals from the South Ocean.


Journey on the Great Ocean Road

The scenic passage of the Great Ocean Road from Torquay to Port Campbell is essential. Along the way, you will be able to capture wild coastal landscapes and beautiful beaches. At the Apollo Bay Hotel, you can stop for a delicious lunch and a short rest. The last stop should be at Port Campbell Beach, where you will have a perfect time. So be sure to book this fantastic tour.


Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Royal Zoo, also known as Melbourne Zoo, is located in Melbourne Parkville Royal Park. The museum is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and is one of the most popular tourist cities. This stunning zoo boasts an extensive collection of exotic and local Australian animals, birds, and butterflies. Animal exhibits include elephant trails, a butterfly house, an orangutan sanctuary, a prey area, the wild sea, and the Australian outskirts.



Melbourne has many attractions that you will not find anywhere else. While exploring the city, you will never run out of exciting places. Choose thrilling festivals, the latest cuisine, or historical sites to store your feelings. Your trip to Melbourne will be unique with beautiful places to visit with family and friends.