Fly through the treetops of Langkawi’s ancient rainforest with Umgawa’s amazing eco zip line adventure.

If you’re visiting the beautiful Malay island of Langkawi then Umgawa’s zip line experience is not to be missed. During our five days on the island, this was definitely one of the best things we did here. Not only do you get to soar through pristine rainforest, the whole experience at Umgawa is an educational one, giving you a real appreciation for some of the amazing plant species and animals who inhabit this unique eco system buy generic viagra nz.

Umgawa is one of the first zip line attractions of its kind in Malaysia and its unique location within a UNESCO recognised Geopark means the company pays particular respect to the precious environment in which it operates. The process of approval to acquire a license to build Umgawa took over 2 years with reviews from the forestry department and government of Malaysia. Every tree used in creating the course was inspected and deemed safe by forestry and no damage to any tree took place during building. Umgawa have also committed to hiring and training local Malaysian citizens at every level whenever possible.

As well as being a socially and environmentally responsible company, Umgawa also take your safety very seriously. Ensuring that the all aspects of the course, equipment and guide training meet international safety standards.

Our Sky Ranger guides during our visit were the lovely Wan and Sal. We found out that Sal, trained by Umgawa, is actually the first fully certified female Sky Ranger guide in South East Asia!

Umgawa boasts 12 ziplines of up to 200m in length and includes a double ‘honeymoon’ zipline where two can fly together at the same time. One zipline runs straight by the impressive Seven Wells waterfalls, providing stunning views as you soar past. Enjoy more breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea towards the end of the course which finishes with a controlled vertical drop using state of the art German equipment.

The guides at Umgawa are great, they are friendly and informative and we learnt some really interesting facts about the hundreds of species of flora and fauna that inhabit the rainforest here. You might spot one of the dusky monkeys that roam throughout the rainforest or a hornbill, like we were lucky enough to see. In fact we saw two pairs of different species of hornbill during our visit to umgawa so it’s only fitting that it appears on their logo.

Umgawa is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year from sunrise to sunset. It’s located only two minutes away from Langkawi’s famous SkyBridge so you could easily combine a trip to both in the same day.


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