Sat on a deserted island listening to music and sorting through the hundreds of photos on my phone I thought to myself just how helpful technology has been while I had been travelling. I listen to music almost every day, for this I use my 8gb MP3 player which cost under £10 from eBay, it’s AA battery powered and robust, I love it

Then there’s my iPhone which after four months of travelling has saved me on many occasions, its camera is always on hand to take endless amounts of pictures and is also comparable in quality to a cheap point and shoot camera. Google maps guides me to hotels, attractions and restaurants, games help me fight boredom on long journeys and stopovers in airports.

I’m amazed by the amount of places with Wi-Fi even beach bars with no toilet somehow manage it, having the Internet has been vital in more ways than I could imagine, being able to search and book decent accommodation saves so much time, money and effort, keeping up with work and friends, translating menus and spoken word there are so many things I can thank my phone for.

Years ago if all of these things were neatly tucked away in your pocket travelling would have been an absolute dream. Given the amount of money saved and productivity increased I don’t know what I’d do without them. That’s not to say I couldn’t live without my phone or laptop but using them as tools to streamline and simplify tasks is exactly what they were made for, having the ability to track exactly where my taxi driver was taking me when arriving in New Delhi at 3am was pretty essential. Some enjoy the struggle of being in a new country and I commend them, others simply don’t realise what tech can bring to a trip either way there are many who like myself are embracing the great products available to us all at increasingly cheaper prices.