A very popular Caribbean tourist destination is the Cayman Islands. This trinity of islets emerged from the sunken Cayman Ridge and is officially British territory. Grand Cayman has much more to offer than just being a place to live the luxurious life.

The Cayman Islands have become a favourite holiday destination for many years. The islets have become a “must-see” region where people come for recreation, physical activities and adventures including hiking, snorkeling, golfing, diving, and sailing. However, the largest of the three islands, the Grand Cayman, has much more to offer.

There are so many adventures to choose from, so where should you start?

The Best Adventures When You Are Backpacking In Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman offers so many adventures you can experience when you are backpacking. This includes relaxing at Seven Mile Beach or taking a trip to slow-paced islands of Cayman Brac. These, and so much more, make for amazing adventures in the Cayman Islands.

To narrow your options and make for easier decision making, let us discuss the best Grand Cayman adventures you must experience:

Crystal Caves Tour

The Crystal Caves is a new, beautiful attraction in Grand Cayman. Its location is at the northern side of the Cayman Island.

Recently opened up to backpackers: This underground cave system just recently made itself available to tourists. The caves have been privately owned for many years, which is the reason for their impeccable condition. These wondrous caves are filled with stalagmites, stalactites, open ceilings, and underground lakes.

Captivating scenic tour: The Crystal Caves offer a breathtaking scenic tour that is absolutely different from your usual beach and sun adventure ed-italia.com. Sign up for a tour, be guided, and gain knowledge about the wildlife and plants while strolling through its numerous caves.

Snorkeling with bioluminescence

You can experience the best night time activity at Grand Cayman when you snorkel with bioluminescence. This is usually a 2-hour excursion where it starts with a boat to the bioluminescent bay, and then snorkeling within the bioluminescence.

Snorkeling gear helps you see better: You can easily see that bioluminescence with your snorkeling gear. You will see hundreds and thousands of bright blue sparkles underwater.

Can be seen on a kayak: If you riding a kayak or boat, you can also see the bioluminescence from above, although it is significantly better with a snorkeling mask.

This night time adventure is definitely the most impressive and unique in your backpacking trip at Grand Cayman.

Trek along The Mastic Trail

The immense and preserved topography of the Mastic Trail is located in the deep heartlands of Grand Cayman. It offers a magnificent look at the raw and natural beauty that the Cayman Islands are known for.

A four kilometer journey: This natural and splendid adventure leads you to the enveloped trail of infinite palm trees, mangroves, wetland swamps, and stunning black mastic forests. Backpackers will find this four kilometer adventure naturally splendid—and easy enough to do after a long night at one of Grand Cayman’s awesome clubs!

Meet rare species: During your adventurous hike, you will see and meet multiple rare species like magnificent Yucatan vireos, white-crowned pigeons, slinking lizards, and more.

Visit Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is really popular in Cayman Islands and is one of the world’s best beaches. It boasts a great tropical paradise where you can simply enjoy basking under the sun and do water activities.

Walk along the shore: You can simply enjoy being at the beach by walking and basking above shiny talcum-powder sands. Further, you can take great pictures with the beautiful backdrop of sunbeds, cabanas, coconut palm groves, and resort hotels.

Water activities: The best water adventures are found at Seven Mile Beach. You can experience the pleasure of snorkeling and swimming under the crystal clear sea. Likewise, you will have no trouble seeing the beautiful many species of corals, sponges, and marine life.


The Cayman Islands really offer a lot of entertainment, activities and grand adventures for backpackers. It is not surprising that Grand Cayman is a very popular destination because of its beaches, marine life and wildlife. Tourists and backpackers alike love to come back when possible. For more information, check out thingstodocayman.net to make the most out of your backpacking adventures in Grand Cayman.