Despite it making travelling arguably more challenging, visiting India during Monsoon season is becoming more popular. During the months from June to September, the weather isn’t too hot or too cold and the rain showers bring in immense joy. But with monsoon, come a flood of problems that may just ruin the ‘ideal’ backpacking trip you have planned. So, before you plan that monsoon tour, be informed about certain things and gear yourselves up to make it a hassle-free trip! Here’s what you should be prepared for:

Chennai Marina Beach – photo by Vinoth Chandar, CC BY 2.0

Health is Wealth

While monsoon is the perfect time to let your love bloom, it is supposedly a romantic joyride for mosquitoes and other insects too! This is an ideal weather for mosquitoes to breed and look for their human hosts in turn leading to diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, chikunguniya among many others. Not only that, but rainwater is home to many other organisms that cause water-borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, ameobiasis, jaundice and others. The infected water can cause many skin, eye and hair problems too. Eye infections particularly conjunctivitis and skin problems such as fungal infections are very common. Carry your mosquito repellents, skin care products and a first aid kit to ensure good health during this season.

Water, Water Everywhere

Monsoon is the time when floods occur in many places including the states of Uttarakhand and landslides are common in hilly areas. These ferocious floods destroy everything that comes in their way and landslides can be deadly. It is a good idea to avoid such flood and landslide-prone regions including the north eastern states and hill stations of India. However, the southern or western states of India, including Goa and Kerala can prove to be an ideal monsoon tourist spot.

Traffic Jam’s

Many streets and roads during monsoon get plugged up due to poor infrastructure and drainage systems. This leads to accumulation of water in the streets and traffic jams with no escape. Places like Mumbai are especially known to witness heavy rain showers and sometimes water accumulates beyond knee level. This leads to heavy traffic jams, increase in diseases and brings normal life to a halt. Water logging is a major problem in many areas including metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi. It is therefore advised to collect information about such places before visiting.

Power Outages

As the monsoon arrives, electricity prepares to bid goodbye. Many places in India experience long power cuts. Oh but don’t feel bad. This won’t affect your stay as much. Having a candlelight dinner while sitting by the window and witnessing the rain pour down could well turn out to be one of your best moments. It is still advisable to carry flashlights and other emergency equipment you might need to deal with the rainy dark nights.

Thus, monsoon brings with itself a lot of problems. Illnesses during this season are a primary concern and one must consult their doctor before planning a monsoon tour. Eating right, staying clean and carrying the right medicines can ensure good health even while on the move! Carry your umbrellas, raincoats, right footwear (including croc’s) and other items to stay protected

Monsoon is an ideal time to visit places such as Goa and Kerala. As the rain showers over the ocean, the cool wind blowing down provides serenity. However, places such as Mumbai, Delhi, North-eastern states and hill stations are best avoided during this season.

You needn’t be disheartened though. There may be a lot of problems associated with the rainy season, but we all know how mesmerising rains can be! Stay informed about the places to wish to visit and stay equipped.