The fun is in the journey itself, which a seasoned traveller would know bonusy. Only when one can explore the various stops can you fully appreciate the time spent getting to your destination. Giving yourself the freedom to be able to see the sights and sounds along the way satisfies the anticipation and gives you something more.

Travelling from the English east midlands to Scotland’s Edinburgh need not be daunting even for first-time travellers. If you travel through Loganair by leisure, then you can take your time to enjoy the places one can go to while you’re on your way.

Things To Do and Places To Go

You may be travelling alone, or with family, and the following locations offer fun, educational, and wholesome attractions to visit.

Explore the National Space Centre

Located at Exploration Drive in Leicester, the National Space Centre offers visitors six galleries that feature space exploration, oddities in space, lesser-known historical events, and more. Get a glimpse of the Rocket Tower that measures 42 meters, which houses real rockets Thor Able, the Apollo Lunar Lander, Blue Streak, and more. It also accommodates the UK’s largest planetarium, the St. Patrick Moore Planetarium, and the Stellarium. Kids can have the chance to play trainee astronauts!

Travel Through Time in Lincoln Cathedral

If old-world architecture and historic landmarks interest you, the Lincoln Cathedral and quarter at Derby is a sight to behold. It is more than two centuries old, and it stood as the tallest architecture in the world. Walk along the cobblestoned streets with classically-built houses lining the way, and a farmer’s market.

Hike Through Peak District National Park

Nature and hiking lovers will love the vastness of the lands with hiking trails and villages that also occupy central England. The area features limestone valleys and gritstone ridges that contribute to the park’s otherworldly beauty. Do take care and exercise caution and consideration as some of the places are farmlands.

While at Peak District, you may want to learn a skill in jewelry making and take your creation with you as a memento of your visit.

Feed Your Adventurous Side at Wild Park Derbyshire

If you have older children or perhaps you have an adventurous side, Wild Park Derbyshire is more to your taste. It features adrenaline-rushing activities such as Laser Tag, Quad Biking, Crossbow and Pistol Shooting, Paintballing, and Archery. It is one of the best ways to spend active time with family, friends, and co-workers (team building).

Get a Taste of History at Edinburgh Castle

Perhaps Edinburgh’s most popular and famous landmark, Edinburgh Castle was the former residence of Mary, Queen of Scots, and other notable names in Scotland’s history. Today, it stands as a museum that houses ancient artifacts and old-world weapons, everyday wares, and valuable pieces.

De-stress at the Royal Botanic Gardens

If you prefer a tranquil and natural setting, taking a walk at the Royal Botanical Gardens is perhaps one of the best ways to de-stress. The 300-year old garden is only a mile away from the center and offers a fantastic view of the castle and the city skyline. Take in the lovely scenery of the garden, which features different concept areas such as the desert, exotic plants, and other climatic zones. It also has the Rock Garden and the Chinese Hillside.

Traverse the Royal Mile and Grassmarket

At the heart of Edinburgh is the historic Royal Mile, Old Town, and a mile of cobblestone path that leads to the castle. Edinburgh Castle itself sits on top of a volcanic rock overlooking the town. The Grassmarket used to be an execution site. Today, it is a bustling market frequented by tourists. The surrounding area also has shops and pubs that you can visit for a night of drink and relaxation with your friends. There are lots of things to do in a public setting where you don’t have to spend so much just to enjoy the attraction.

Learn and Play at the Museum Of Childhood

Dedicated to children and the young at heart, the museum contains vintage toys, books, and memorabilia from the mid-19th century. Children are allowed to play and explore the museum as they get to learn what life was like back then during World War 2. They also get to experience Victorian school life and listen to storytellers in one of its fascinating galleries.

Have a Picnic at the Meadows

If you feel like you can use a rest, a picnic at the Meadows near Edinburgh University may be just the thing to bond with your companions on a sunny day. Enjoy the sights of the surrounding architecture over some delicious snacks to end the day. Maybe treat it as a stopover before your next adventure.

Final Thoughts

Not all attractions come with a fee. Some of these you can enjoy for free and soak up the atmosphere. A stroll around Old Town or perhaps enjoying the park will allow you to do this. Probably one of the best things you can do is also to sample the local delicacies and partake in the culture and lore of a particular location. The most important thing is to enjoy stress-free travel and worry only when you’ll be back next!