Traveling will always require money from your pocket. Regardless if you’re planning to visit a beach that’s a two-hour drive away from your house, expect that you will still need to spend money for gas and food cijeli članak. If you want to travel as often as possible without burning a hole through your pocket, let this article help. This material can provide simple tips on how you can travel even with a low budget.

Money is a requirement when traveling, but this doesn’t mean that you have to save a fortune in order to go places. Even if you have a low budget, you can still travel. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Having A Plan Is Necessary

Spontaneous trips are fun because you won’t have any idea about what will happen next. Because no plan is set in place, a spontaneous trip will require you to pay for any accommodation or restaurant that you can pass by along the way. But no matter how fun and exciting, spontaneous trips are only applicable to people who have a lot of time and money. If you don’t have any of these resources, having a plan should always be on top of your list whenever traveling.

Your plan doesn’t have to include an hour-by-hour itinerary, but it should give you an idea of how long you’re going to spend in each city and where your budget will be allocated. If you’re going to travel by public transportation such as a Megabus, you should know its routes and fees. List as all of the expenses you’ll have for the trip so you’ll have lesser chances of spending more than what you’ve initially budgeted.

2. Consider Traveling Out Of Season

The time of the year when you’re going to travel can affect your travel expenses. More often than not, traveling can be more expensive when it’s done during the holidays or weekends. Families with kids usually go on vacation during these times, and the travel industry will take advantage of this. If you can choose when to travel, pick dates which are off-season.

Do some research on when is the best time to visit your desired destination, and book your trip weeks before or after these dates. Accommodations and airlines usually price their services lower during these times. This is a simple tip in spending less during your travel while avoiding tourists, too.

3. Be Careful On Booking An Accommodation

Choosing your accommodation when traveling is an important decision to make. The accommodation you’ll end up selecting can make or break the success of your trip. If you end up choosing an accommodation that is cheap but unsanitary, it’ll be hard for you to enjoy your entire trip. How can you sleep well after a day of visiting different tourist spots if your bed isn’t cleaned properly?

For your next trip, be careful about booking accommodation. Aside from the cleanliness, consider staying at an accommodation that offers communal bunk rooms or dormitories. Unlike expensive hotel suites, shared rooms in hostels are cheaper. Staying in these accommodations will not only help you save a lot of money, but it can also become an avenue for you to meet travelers who can make your trip more fun and enjoyable!

4. Pack As Early As Possible

Since you will be traveling on a budget, you don’t want to be forced to buy items that you’ve unwittingly left at home. Even if it’s only a piece of towel or an extra pair of shoes, buying these items isn’t necessary and a clear waste of money. As one way of saving money for an upcoming trip, pack as early as possible. Start packing the moment you know that you’re going on a trip.

Instead of packing all of your valuables in one seating, allot at least two hours of your schedule every day in order to pack. The latter option allows you to lessen stress and assess if all of your essentials are already packed.

5. Embrace Public Transportation

Traveling by plane is one of the easiest ways to arrive at a destination. Although convenient, traveling by plane is also one of the most expensive ways to travel. This is especially true if you weren’t able to book your tickets in advance. If time isn’t an issue, consider traveling by buses and trains. These public transportations are cheaper than airplanes. Traveling overnight on a train will also save you money from paying for a hostel for accommodation.

Travel More

Now that you know how to travel on a budget, you can finally start crossing off destinations from your bucket list. You can finally travel as much as you want to whenever you’re stressed and enjoy new scenery!