The kind of travelling experience that deserves to be on anyone’s bucket list is a road trip across Europe.

The European continent is connected by some of the world’s best highways and country roads, and can offer incredibly diverse destinations that may only be a day’s drive away from each other. Some of history’s greatest cities like Rome, Paris, London or Barcelona can all be visited in a week, and you will see some of the world’s most thrilling and picturesque scenery along the way.

If you really want to go for it, you can take a three- or four-week journey and see almost everything Western and Central Europe have to offer, especially if you take advantage of Europe’s car ferry and car train services called Motorail. With services like car ferries, you can see some of Ireland and make your way to Spain from there, and there are Motorail trains that can take vehicles under the English Channel, and from Paris into Southern France. There is even a Motorail service from Germany into Northern Italy.

Save Time and Money with a Campervan

One of the best ways to explore Europe in a vehicle is to use a campervan or recreational vehicle. This gives you the freedom to travel as much or as little as you want in a day, and you can take advantage of some of Europe’s numerous and well-maintained camping sites. Sticking to a strict itinerary of check-ins and check outs when you are exploring a country can really take the enjoyment out of your adventure, so taking your accommodation with you while you travel can save you time as well as money on your European odyssey.

When you are deciding on which kind of campervan to buy, remember to consider how much space you’re likely to need for you and your family, as well as where you will be storing supplies. There will need to be a place for everything, and when you are out on the open road, everything will need to be in its place.

Get the Right Insurance

Motor insurance is a legal requirement in most countries, but if you’re planning to take your campervan abroad you’ll need to make sure that your UK campervan insurance policy also covers you for driving overseas. Using a price comparison website like Quotezone means you’ll only have to complete one form in order to compare campervan insurance quotes from a range of different providers.

Plan Your Route Carefully

With the right vehicle and insurance coverage for your road trip, you need to start planning a list of your destinations. Starting off in the United Kingdom opens up a number of opportunities as it is well connected to various European countries by car ferry and rail with the Channel Tunnel.

A great route to take is to head west, through Wales and take a car ferry to the Republic of Ireland. From here it is possible to take a ferry from the South of the country into Northern Spain. Now you are in continental Europe and you can really go wild. From here you can easily get to Portugal, or through Spain and into Southern France. If you meet up with the Motorail there, you can quickly head to Paris before driving to Germany, stopping in the Netherlands on the way.

You can cover most of Europe in just ten days of driving, with a little help from trains and boats, but remember to stop and see the sights