Backpacking across the world is one roller coaster ride. Backpackers stay safe 99% of the time when travelling, but from time to time, something goes wrong during the trip. Your much more likely to avoid accidents if you act fast and think smart. We know it’s not always the first thing you wan’t to think about whilst your having the time of your life but considering your safety in any country you visit will help you to stay out of trouble.

What To Do After A Driving Accident While Travelling The World

Sometime’s though situations happen that are out of your control. Getting involved in a driving accident while backpacking the world can be the worst thing that could happen during your trip. There may be additional difficulties and a complicated legal process to deal with. Moreover, let us discuss what you might consider legally after getting involved in a driving accident while backpacking the world.

At the accident scene.

When you get involved in a driving accident abroad, ensure that the local authorities are called and make sure to acquire a copy of the police report. In the event that you don’t understand their language, ask for an interpreter. Consider doing the following:

  • Take notes of what happened
  • Acquire the names, contact numbers and addresses of witnesses
  • Never admit liability nor apologize
  • Take photographs as evidence of the accident such as: number plates of vehicles involved, your injuries, and damages of the vehicles
  • Exchange insurance details

There are various regulations and aspects you must know when driving in foreign countries.

For instance, if you’re backpacking and driving across Europe, your insurance agent may have provided you with a European Accident Statement (EAS) or an insurance may be given to you upon the scene of the drunk driving accident.

Whichever form or document is given to you upon the accident, make sure to acquire an agreed statement of facts regarding the drunk driving accident to help with your insurance claims. Refuse to sign any documents if you’re unsure about the situation.

Contact the insurance company

Many countries possess various mandatory auto insurance laws. Generally, there are three types of vehicle insurance:

  • Insurance that covers your liability to a rental car company if it gets damaged upon your possession
  • Cover for personal injuries to you and other passengers in the vehicle
  • A policy that covers your accountability upon other drivers in the event that you’re found at-fault for the accident

Getting involved in a vehicle accident abroad can be really tricky to acquire insurance claims. Your domestic insurance may not actually cover you abroad. Although some insurance companies claim they cover you overseas, there are still loopholes in those policies.

Make sure to meet with your insurance agent before travelling to know everything about the policy involving overseas coverage. Further, ask the agent to exchange contact details with your overseas rental car agency concerning the type of policy you’d expect to receive in a foreign country.

Insurance and legal claims involving your own vehicle

Make sure to immediately inform your insurance agent regarding the accident, whether or not you wish to make a claim. Provide as much information to your insurance firm as this can help you process your insurance and legal claims.

Meanwhile, make sure to deal with the following before driving overseas:

  • Check if the car insurance is effective abroad bonusy
  • Acquire a Green Card from your insurer when you’re driving beyond European Union to prove you possess at least the minimum legal requirement of liability insurance for third parties.

Insurance and legal claims involving a rental vehicle

It’s important to report all minor and major accidents to the local police when the accident involved a rental vehicle. However, never admit liability nor apologise because that may affect your insurance claims and legal case.

  • Contact the car hire company ASAP: Immediately call the car rental company after the drunk driving accident. Make sure to provide the company all details regarding the accident.
  • Write a full report: Once you get home, write a full report of the accident to the company. Likewise, never allow the rental car to be repaired without acquiring the approval of the rental car company.

Vehicle accident involving an uninsured driver

If the driving incident occurred in a European Union country, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway, and the driver as uninsured, you may claim compensation from the country where the accident transpired. Approach the nation’s equivalent Motor Insurers’ Bureau to make claims.

Contact your lawyer

If you have acquired injuries from the driving accident, contact a personal injury lawyer immediately. They can tell you about legal claims and other procedures involving your case. However, this can be complicated since the accident occurred in a different country with different policies from your home country. If you intend to make legal claims for an accident you have had while backpacking the world, click here to get legal advice.