In a world where heavy traffic jams are a common thing, riding a two-wheeled vehicle cannot be considered a downgrade anymore. Instead, it’s more of a “salvation” of sorts. Whether you’re driving to work or the grocery store, every minute and fuel you save on a trip is already a big deal. It’s no different when going on road trips and backpacking.

When people say “travel light,” they actually mean literally. Travelling light couldn’t be more appropriate for bike-riding backpackers Bike riding has been slowly becoming the preferred mode of transportation for backpackers, and here are the reasons why:

  1. It’s cheap.

No-brainer! If you are traveling within a budget, biking would always be the cheaper and more viable option. Whether you’re bringing your bike with you, renting, or even buying a new one at your destination, it would always be a cheaper option than renting cars or taking a cab when travelling. Also, you won’t need to spend money on fuel.

  1. It’s convenient.

With a bicycle, parking won’t be much of an issue as you can drop your bike just about everywhere, except perhaps in cities with strict ordinances. It also doesn’t take up much space. So even if you have to pay for parking fees, it would be very cheap.

  1. It’s eco-friendly.

If you’re one of those who would go out on a limb to save the planet earth, bike riding is definitely the way to go. Since it doesn’t use any fuel, there will be no carbon dioxide emissions that will contribute to the ever-increasing global warming.

  1. You can reach more destinations.

Surely, 4-wheel drives can get you farther in terms of mileage, unless you have the stamina of a marathoner that can pedal great distances. However, a bicycle is better when trying to reach the outskirts, especially those that can only be accessed by foot and very light vehicles.

With cars and trucks, when the roads get rougher and narrower, you need to leave them somewhere and walk to get to an isolated location. Obviously, bikes are more flexible in these instances.

  1. It is more enjoyable.

Unless you drive a convertible car, bike riding will always be more enjoyable during a road trip. Get mesmerized with the sceneries and landscapes either on your way to a particular destination or just wandering around aimlessly. With the wind blowing through your hair as you traverse the country road, you can also enjoy nature and the cold air.

  1. It keeps your body fit and healthy.

Most travels could make you gain weight and increase your BMI (Body Mass Index). Why? Its cuisine most often defines the identity of each country’s culture. If you list down your purpose for leisure travelling, food would surely be on top of that list, especially if you’re headed somewhere in Asia where food is everything.

Bike cycling allows you to burn those calories that you collected while enjoying sumptuous meals you’ve probably only tasted for the first time. As reported by Harvard University, a person who is 155 lbs. can lose up to 391 calories per 30 minutes of cycling while a person weighing 185 lbs can burn roughly 466 calories.

  1. You could meet a lot of new friends.

Since the distance depends on how your body can endure peddling, it’s more likely that you’ll have plenty of stopovers along the way. It is in these instances that you’ll likely meet people and have a little chit-chat. Who knows, you will meet someone to join you in your backpacking journey.

  1. Great for Photography

Another reason for travelling is to witness firsthand the breathtaking sceneries you only get to see on the internet and postcards. But once you get there, just being able to see them personally and perhaps touch them might not be enough. As your friends might claim, “pics or it didn’t happen.”

Taking pictures might not be possible on a moving bus, and it might be inconvenient to make so many stopovers with cars every time you want to take a shot. With bikes, this is no problemo! Just be sure you are equipped with some , and you’re good to go!


Buying a Bike? Consider This

When buying a bicycle, you may want to consider clipless pedals. But, what are clipless pedals? This revolutionary system is composed of two parts: the pedal with a locking device and the cleat that attaches to a special shoe bike. They are especially useful when traversing through rugged terrain or when you need to swerve or hop to clear some road obstacles like rocks, logs, etc.

Parting Words

Whether you’re a travel junkie or just an ordinary traveller, there’s no telling how important travelling is – let alone allowing yourself go through the basics of life. With bike riding, you’ll never have to worry about a lot of things – just where to eat, where to sleep, and where to go next — nothing else!