If you know anything about Switzerland, it should be an absolute no-brainer to have the country in your must-visits before you die. Who wouldn’t be awed by majestic Alpine peaks and views of the world’s most pristine lakes? Not to mention amazing cuisine, beautiful castles, and lots of skiing!

We get it – it can get very expensive and not everyone can drop by a world-class wellness spa. However, with proper planning and a bit of creativity, Switzerland can be an amazing destination for just about anyone on any kind of budget.

If you’re still not convinced, here are the best reasons why Switzerland deserves top spot on your bucket list:

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The Great(est) Outdoors

Whatever kind of nature you prefer, there’s no denying that the Alpine landscape of Switzerland will take your breath away. The whole country is postcard ready, always flanked by the snow-capped peaks of the Alps anywhere you look. It’s definitely a mountaineer’s dream, because they love scaling iconic peaks and traversing historic glaciers. But even for those who prefer to be on lower ground, Switzerland’s meadows, forests, lakes, and waterfalls create the perfect backdrop for any trip.


Historic Cities

Switzerland has some of the most well-preserved cities anywhere in the world. Walking through the Old Town is like walking through the very pages of history. Facades and structures are perfectly preserved medieval landmarks, from small houses to grand cathedrals. Each city also has its own claim-to-fame when it comes to historic significance. Some of the favourites are Lucerne with its Chapel Bridge, Bern’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, and even the fast-paced city of Zurich and the roots of Dadaism.



Train Rides

Train rides in Switzerland are like no other. The country is known for the most efficient transport system in the world, so trains are an excellent way to go just about anywhere. More than that, however, are the views you get with any ride, whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours. Trains are equipped with huge windows because the views are simply amazing. If you happen to be moving from one city to another, the train ride itself is an important part of the journey. The landscapes are vast and diverse, whizzing by meadows and hills with iconic Swiss chalets or hugging the mountainside with Alpine mountains in full view.


Snow all-year-round

If you’ve never seen snow before, you’re in for a treat. If you’ve seen snow before, you’re still in for a treat. Thanks to many Swiss town’s elevation, snow in ski resorts and mountain villages are bright, white, and powdery. Some of them also stay this way the whole year, keeping the magic alive regardless of season. Expectedly, snow sports are extremely popular in Switzerland. Whether you’re a first-timer or an absolute pro, you’ll find a slope perfect for your skill level. If you’re not up for a bit of skiing or snowboarding, there are many hiking trails that people can go through to get up close and personal with nature. There are also many observation platforms for people to simply gaze at the unique beauty of snowy peaks.


Museums, shops, and everything about city life

City life in Switzerland is very unique. Even the most urbanized centres still hold a rich air of culture and history. But there are also countless things to do in the city. Switzerland has some of the most extensive and important museums and galleries, and some of them are free to enter. From expansive exhibits at the Swiss National Museum to strange toy collections at Pegasus Small World Toy Museum, there are more than enough to saturate a curious mind. For something more light-hearted, shopping in Switzerland is also a must. There are many quaint stores lined up along cobblestone streets, but the world-renowned Bahnhofstrasse is the one that takes the cake.



Cheese and Chocolate

It seems silly to travel all the way to Switzerland to sample cheese and chocolate, but these are the country’s top exports for a very good reason. Many of Switzerland’s cheese and chocolate factories still go through centuries-old recipes and techniques. As a result, you get a wide variety of tastes, texture, and experiences with every cheese or chocolate sampling you have. A visit to a cheese or chocolate factory is also a definite must. Sure, you get to learn more about how to make them, but the best part always comes at the end – free samples!