Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have been around for quite a while now. In that time, they have made the internet a better place for most in more way than one. If you are living in an internet climate such as that provided by the Philippines though, you might not see the need for these pieces of software.
Guess what? You would be wrong.
In this piece, we will be looking at the top three reasons why you would be better off with a VPN instead. We will also do you one extra, giving you an insight into how you can also get around to accessing censored content.
Speaking of the censored content and the reason why you need a VPN…

1 Getting around censorship

Internet in the Philippines is free to a large extent, no doubt, but that does nothing to take away from the internet censorship put around local content. The government holds the right to not only limit the access of their citizens to certain platforms/ content on the internet but also to control the kind of content the citizens can see too.

2 Bypassing Geoblocks

You must have noticed that some content are not just made available in your country, and this does not even have to do with the government. Netflix, for example, is one of those services that those in the Philippines cannot have access to. People travelling from the US or other countries might also find it hard/ impossible to access local content from their home country. This is usually because such platforms have blocked access to their content from outside of the country.

3 Internet Privacy

Even if you weren’t concerned about getting access to blocked content, you should be very much concerned about your internet privacy and security fuld rapport. With the rate at which data breaches are affecting even the big tech companies, no one is safe in the internet world of today. You would thus need to protect yourself better lest your sensitive data (passwords, internet data, login information, etc.) fall into the wrong hands.

Using a VPN

Fortunately, you can fix ALL of the problem above by choosing a VPN. What the VPN does is:

  • Mask your IP address, assigning you another one that throws anyone snooping on a wild goose chase (Internet security)
  • Encapsulates your data whenever you’re connecting to the internet (internet security)
  • Allow you connect to servers from countries where the content you’d like to access is available (bypassing censorship and geoblocks).

When choosing a VPN, make sure you know just what to look out for so that it matches your needs. For one, the best VPN for the Philippines would have a lot of server locations in different parts of the world. You will also want to choose a VPN that offers you total security, doesn’t log your data and has a proven track record. Don’t forget to include speed in your search criteria when choosing the right one for you.


The fact that you are in the Philippines should not mean you can’t access premium content from all around the world. That should also not be a reason for the government to decide what you can and cannot see on the internet.
Choosing a quality VPN provider will easily get this done for you out of these situations. An added advantage is that you also get to enjoy better internet and data privacy in the process. Three for the price of one, and VPNs are looking like a great deal for you already!