Our core aim at Backpacker Bible, is not solely to benefit you and fellow travellers, but to also benefit the countries you visit by encouraging responsible travelling and a ‘know before you go’ mantra.

By encouraging responsible travelling and advising travellers to know before you go we hope to minimise the negative impact that tourism can have particularly in developing parts of the world. 

Belong; Benefit; Believe

At Backpacker Bible, we seek to better the travel experience for the traveller, the places visited, the businesses and companies selling travel experiences and the local communities and people hosting their visitors. By following the advice that Backpacker Bible is offering, not only will you receive the most relevant and up to date tips and suggestions for the most culturally rich and authentic travel experience, but you will also belong to something far bigger.

Backpacker Bible promotes a necessary shift in the ideals of modern travel. We stand as a movement where the philosophy is underpinned by a deep respect for the earth, its wildlife and ecology, the local cultures and communities visited as well as the travellers exploring and wishing to gain the very best out of their experiences.


to a movement, promoting positive change, with deep moral and ethical respect at its core.


the world, its wildlife, its ecology and its people.


in the power of responsible travel to make the world a better place.

What makes Backpacker Bible unique?

Real Travellers

We’re not sat in an office, compiling travel guides on destinations we’ve never been to… Every place we write about we’ve been to and we share our real life experiences both good and bad.

Who We Support

We work with and support some fantastic causes around the world who help advise us on subjects such as voluntourism so we can provide you with the correct advice.

Not Gender Specific

Backpacker Bible provides both a male and female prospective on travelling with contributors from both genders cialis senza ricetta.

Completely Free

All our guides are completely free and 100% digital – all our information is available on our website and we don’t save the best bits for guidebooks.  We’ve also made sure the website works on multiple devices so you can browse Backpacker Bible on your phone, laptop or tablet.

How it all started…

Backpacker Bible was founded by Ben Reeson and Charlie Stone after they had extensively travelled across Europe, India, Australia and SE Asia.

We came up with the idea of creating a backpacker specific site because of our own experiences when travelling. Backpacker Bible was born out of our frustration of not being able to find the information we needed easily indianpharmall.com. When we did find it we increasingly found that much of it was out or date, laborious to read or not necessarily that useful anyway, particularly with less well known routes.

Of course there are a myriad of great independent travel bloggers sharing their personal experience and advice, as well as forums discussing all kinds of travel issues. But we could never find one platform that had all the information we needed; country and city guides, key routes, scams and safety, general travel advice, tips on volunteering and how to make the best choice, how to travel responsibly, staying safe and pre trip advice, including health, what to take and choosing and packing your backpack.

Having to search for the information you need can take a while and it’s not how anyone wants to spend their time when travelling. So we decided to create Backpacker Bible with the target of creating a one stop site for the backpacking community that also helps to reduce the negative impacts caused by tourism.

Help us reach our target!

We want to grow organically and honestly so please bear with us while more guides, blog posts and other incredibly useful information is added edlekarna.com. We’re always on the lookout for people to join our globe trotting team and help us grow. So if you’re a budding journalist or have been on the trip of a lifetime and have some great travel tips and stories you’d like to share please get in touch to find out how to become a contributor.

The authenticity and continual growth of Backpacker Bible relies on fellow travellers getting involved so we would love to hear from you.

Our Responsible Travel Mission

We also became acutely aware when travelling of how tourism can act as a force of both good and bad, particularly in developing nations. We want to try and make it more good than bad, by letting you know how to give back to the destinations and local people you visit, as well how to avoid certain activities and projects, such as con conservation projects and false NGOs, that can have a negative impact.

Find out more on our responsible travel page and in responsible travel sections within some of our country guides. If you’re passionate about responsible travel and would like to help us raise awareness as well as support some great causes, please get in touch or enquire about becoming a contributor.


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