Photography Gear for Backpackers: What You Need to Know

Photography goes hand in hand with traveling, but some interesting problems can crop up for those of us living out of our backpacks for months or years at a time. Unlike short-term travelers, we need our whole lives to fit in 1-2 bags that can go with us anywhere....

Tips for Visiting Remote Communities

Getting ‘off-the-beaten-track’ and visiting remote parts of the world can be a wonderfully eye-opening and enriching experience and this kind of tourism when run sustainably, can bring real benefits to local communities. Community based eco-tourism or CBET...

Backpacker’s Budget Guide to Singapore

Thinking of backpacking across Singapore? Fabulous plan! In terms of travel, Singapore has always been an uber-expensive city, which backpackers tend to avoid. However, we’re going to take you to a Singapore that’s not only budget-friendly, but...

Exploring Australia’s Coral Coast

Lesser known than some of Australia's more famous coastlines, the aptly names Coral Coast on the western side of the country is just as spectacular as its eastern counterparts. Running north of Perth all the way up to Exmouth, the Coral Coast stretches over 1000...
Which Money Transfer Service is the Cheapest

Which Money Transfer Service is the Cheapest

Considering the many different options you have for transferring funds internationally, you should think twice before using a bank to send your money. While there is no denying that a bank transfer is reliable, the transfer fees are usually ridiculously high. A lot of...

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Why Bike Riding Is A Great Travel Option For Backpackers

Why Bike Riding Is A Great Travel Option For Backpackers

In a world where heavy traffic jams are a common thing, riding a two-wheeled vehicle cannot be considered a downgrade anymore. Instead, it’s more of a "salvation" of sorts. Whether you're driving to work or the grocery store, every minute and fuel you save on a trip...

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