Who are we?

We’re a continually growing online travel resource providing insightful and ethical travel articles and guides. Responsible travel is at the heart of what we do along with our ‘know before you go’ mantra – the idea being if you do a little research beforehand you will save time, meet more people, experience more things and significantly reduce your risk of getting scammed or ending up in trouble lekarna-slovenija.com.

Our mission

Our core aim at Backpacker Bible, is not solely to benefit travellers, but to also benefit the countries they visit by encouraging and raising awareness of responsible travel.

A lack of awareness around responsible travel and the issues surrounding tourism means many travellers are unwittingly making poor choices abroad that can have detrimental effects on the countries they visit.

We support and promote NGOs and charities that are working to solve environmental, socio-economic and animal welfare issues that have been caused or exacerbated by tourism.

The founders

We (Ben & Charlie) met as teenagers and have shared a love of travel, history and culture for over 10 years. Previously only embarking on short holidays in 2013 we left the UK for an extended trip around Europe, India, SE Asia and Oceania.

We became acutely aware when travelling of how tourism can act as a force of both good and bad, particularly in developing nations. We decided to try and help make it more good than bad, by working with charities and NGO’s to advise travellers on how to respect and give back to the destinations and local people they visit, as well as how to avoid certain activities that can have a negative impact.


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