Comparison websites reign supreme when looking for discount flights, users are privileged to economy and first class seats at cut prices. Unfortunately no single comparison site will without fail find the cheapest flight every time so even when using these sites shop around for the rock-bottom price for your fights.

Book early to avoid disappointment particularly when travelling on a set itinerary, late planners need not worry too much for short haul flights but long haul flights fill up faster driving prices up.

Everyone loves the idea of a one way ticket to paradise just keep in mind booking a return flight can save 60% in total sometimes more! Doesn’t matter if the arrival and departure dates are months apart these big airlines slash prices to get more customers.

One of the first it’s a long standing favourite for many travellers often finding the best price, customers can compare flights over a month or even a year period. Skyscanner can search for hotel and car hire deals, it is available in 30 languages and provides interesting travel articles.


The attractive user interface sets this site apart from the rest, they also offer inspiring travel information, advice and tips. Flight searches can be ordered into the cheapest, quickest or best all round deal enabling customers to find the option that best suits their needs.


Heavyweight comparison site owned by the Priceline Group, searches are quick and easy with filters for specific airlines, flight times and even jet types. Simple features like the best fares calendar and price trend graph are useful too and do not clutter the site when navigating.


A fairly new player to the flight search game, Skypicker is fast becoming our favourite way to find the best flight deals. Skypicker is great for viewing the cheapest available flights across a particular area and allows you to search by place, country or radius.

Choosing a Seat

Airlines often allow passengers the option of picking their own seat, some provide this service for free others charge. When given this choice don’t squander it on a simple window seat, try to also position yourself close to the front – its quieter forward of the engines and you will alight the plane faster once landed.

Food & Drink on Airlines

Remember, liquids over 100ml are banned through most airport security checkpoints as they could potentially be a bomb and will be ‘securely’ disposed of in… a standard bin. Even liquids under 100ml, for example make-up items, will usually need to be in a sealed, clear plastic bag. Food on the other hand is fair game so pack snacks for budget flights to avoid there crazy prices.


Waiting around at airports is the downside of air travel. Try not to queue behind families as they have kids to look after, extra bags and generally more to deal with than say a lone business traveller.

Luggage Space

It’s surprising how much you can actually take as hand luggage so make use of this and use a large tote bag or especially sized mini suitcases for extra capacity.

If worried that checked in bags might be overweight once your at the airport, look over at a closed check-in desk as many leave the luggage scales turned on when unmanned.

Click here for more packing advice.

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