Our favourite travel websites and apps, all tried and tested by our team of contributors.

xe currency logo

Up to date currency conversions on the web with a phone app also available, sleek and simple it’s perfect for price checking anything and everything when abroad.


A fairly new player to the flight search game, Kiwi is fast becoming our favourite way to find the best flight deals. Kiwi is great for viewing the cheapest available flights across a particular area and allows you to search by place, country or radius.

Trover logo

Part gallery and part guidebook, a location-tagging and social-photo sharing website that showcases photos and stories. Trover lists photos according to distance which is perfect for finding less explored locations and great photo opportunities while away.

Uber logo

Connecting riders to drivers through their website and apps. Simply arrange a journey to get a quote, accept the price to track your driver until pick up, the fare is paid to Uber by card who then pay the driver. They can be a little pricey, recommended if you’re new to a city.

Bao Lau

With baolau.vn you can search the best route and compare transport options in Vietnam and Cambodia. It’s a great way to look up routes and work out which mode of transport will be best for you. As far as we know, Bao Lau is the only place where you can buy Vietnamese train tickets online and receive them via email.

This is the website for all things train related. The Man in Seat 61 has travelled the world by train and kindly shares his knowledge on this hugely informative website. Great for researching routes, train comfort and fares.


Maps.me is a free, open source map app that already provides detailed maps and is improving all the time. Why wouldn’t I just use Google maps we hear you say? Because Maps.me also works really well offline, providing route details and time estimates even when you have no access to the internet. We have both Google Maps and Maps.me installed on our smart phones.


One of the most popular and well established accommodation booking sites, Booking.com is available in more than 40 languages and offers 856,183 active properties in 223 countries and territories. If you frequently use Booking.com you will be granted ‘genius’ status which means exclusive discounts and benefits like free late check-out at some hotels.


Millions of music tracks right at your fingertips, wherever you are in the world. Available across most platforms, stream music for free with ads, or pay for the premium service to stream in peace and have the option to download tracks too indegenerique.com/.

Dropbox logo

Cloud storage is already used by many, Dropbox backs up any file across many different devices it’s great for photos not only safe guarding but also displaying them through folder sharing, simply send the link to friends no need to download just enjoy the image quality.

whatsapp logo

Ad free cross-platform mobile messaging app allowing users to exchange messages for free, in addition to basic messaging WhatsApp users can create groups, send each other unlimited images, video and audio media messages. The first year is free then its $0.99usd for a year subscription after that. Saves a fortune when staying connected at home and abroad.

skype logo

Specialists in video chat and voice calls from computers, tablets and mobile devices through the internet, these and many other features are provided for free, Skype credit is only required when calling a landline.

airline meals

The Instagram of airline food, they have a database containing more than 35,000 images of inflight meals from all class’ and carriers. Hardly a game changer when picking an airline but an interesting website none the less.

flight radar logo

Real-time aircraft flight information on a map. It includes flight paths, origins and destinations, flight numbers, delays and much more. Useful when flying and fascinating when bored.

Want to access BBC iplayer, 4OD and Sky Go while travelling? CyberGhost can assign users IP address’ from all over the world to access content available only in certain countries from anywhere in the world. Can be slow at times but can be upgraded to premium service.

google translat

There are a lot of translators available both free and at a cost, Googles translator is all you need for simple conversions, words and phrases can input via typing, speaking, writing or phone camera the translation is then displayed and spoken back to you. Always improving and best of all its free!